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He is nothing short of a Amazing lawyer


Joshua Macktaz

Reviewed by “N.B.”

I was stopped at 2:15 am the Woonsocket police officer made allegations that I did not use my blinker did not turn correctly at an intersection he also got me for a DUI an a refusal. I was referred to Mr. Macktaz for his high reputation and experience with DUIs and refusals..

Mr. Macktaz was straight forward an honest from the beginning. As a single mother an despite for my license as well my job of 6 years being a person that has never been in this situation I could only imagine things on a worst cast level.

Mr. Macktaz had a solid approach on the way things would un fold, he did not sugar coat anything. Mr. Macktaz worked extremely hard on my case showed up at court date an also had some visits at his office. He was extremely professional an made it a little easier to breath giving the circumstance. He got EVERY charge dropped down to a 1yr- filing reckless driving charge( which means in one year I will have NO RECORD.. scot clean) 25 hrs. community service an a 250$ donation .

I did not get a refusal I did not get a DUI. I did not get sited for the blinker nor anything for not turning correctly at an intersection. I did not get any alcohol classes.. as you can see he is nothing short of a Amazing lawyer. I was facing some serious charges an was about to lose everything I ever worked for. I am extremely impressed with his work!!! I would not hesitate to recommend him to someone close to me or anyone at that matter in a similar situation. Mr. Macktaz is a go getter an wont let you down. Thank you for a job well done!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 -Excellent