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Summer Boating in Newport RI


Newport, RI is a beautiful city where boating grows into full bloom during the summer months. In June, July and August the waters are filled with residents, visitors and tourists all looking to enjoy laid back days on the water. Boaters swarm to Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay, both known for their beautiful scenery and highly populated waters. Everyone looks forward to a little relaxation and having a great time. During the summer months, there are parties and gatherings planned for friends and family. As a result of the great weather, many of these activities are held on boats.

In Newport”, there’s nothing like taking in a day of boating with your close friends and making memories. Unfortunately as an RI BUI lawyer I have seen several instances where a harmless day planned for fun quickly spiraled into the worst day of a person’s life. Many of the same laws applied to driving a motor vehicle are also applied to operating a boat. For example, having open containers of alcohol on your boat is completely legal however it is illegal to operate a vessel while intoxicated.

Boating Under the Influence Penalties

BUI offenses are often misinterpreted to be less severe than DUI charges. This is not the case. The penalties for boating under the influence can quickly escalate to severe life-altering consequences. Having an attorney who is experienced in representing BUI cases on behalf of the accused is pertinent to the success of your case.

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