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Illegal Street Racing: A Dangerous Pastime?


In the movies, illegal street racing is a glamorous pastime. The movies make it seem as if racing is all glory and no drawbacks. However, illegal racing rarely comes with glory. Instead, it comes with a long list of potentially bad outcomes. Find out why street racing is such a dangerous hobby.

What Are the Dangers of Street Racing?

Street races occur more often than you might think. And unfortunately, accidents are quite common. Sometimes, the accidents can be minor. However, the stakes are high. Some illegal street racing events result in fatal consequences. Here are a few reasons why racing can be so dangerous:

1. High Speeds

When you crash at a high speed, the risk of serious injury increases. During illegal street races, the speeds can get very high. Drivers go much faster than the recommended limit. Although it depends on the race, some races involve speeds of over 100 miles per hour. If you crash at such a high speed, your injuries could be deadly.

It’s also more likely that you will crash if you speed. If you drive at a high speed, it becomes more difficult to control your vehicle. When you need to avoid an obstacle, you could notice it too late. At a slower speed, dealing with the unexpected is easier.

2. Poor Visibility

Driving at night is more challenging than driving during the day. Due to their illegal nature, street races must occur at night. This makes the races even more dangerous. When drivers race at night, they have poor visibility. They might not be able to see road signs, pedestrians, or other vehicles clearly.

When you can’t see well, accidents can happen. While you might know a road well, driving it at night is much different than driving it during the day. You could forget about a turn or intersection. As a result, you could find yourself in a serious accident.

3. Alcohol

At many illegal street racing events, alcohol is a major part of the event. People in the audience tend to drink heavily. However, it doesn’t end there. During many races, drivers also drink. Whether they only have one drink or they have five, they face more dangers because of the alcohol. When you have alcohol in your system, your reflexes slow down. You also may misjudge distances. In a street race, this can be a deadly mistake.

Any amount of alcohol makes a street race dangerous. Unfortunately, there is no one to regulate drinking. The races are illegal events with no governing body to enforce laws. This means that drivers can participate regardless of their sobriety.

4. The Weather

When the weather is cold or wet, the driving conditions can become even more dangerous. However, some individuals in the racing community seek out these conditions. They believe that the challenge of driving on icy or wet roads is more exciting than driving on a dry surface.

However, driving on wet or icy roads can be very dangerous. It makes controlling your vehicle more difficult. As a result, you could end up crashing into something or someone. At normal speeds, driving in bad weather can be dangerous. When you drive at high racing speeds, the dangers are even greater.

 5. There Are Other People on the Road

During a street race, there is no road closure. No one keeps other drivers off the road. As a result, the racers might encounter other drivers. Unaware of the race, another driver could become a victim of the street race.

Sadly, there is a recent story that proves that very point. When a 19-year-old boy decided to enter a street race, he made a deadly decision. As he sped down the street, he hit the vehicle of a 21-year-old woman. When emergency services took her to the hospital, staff declared her brain dead upon arrival. She was slowing or stopped at an intersection and was unaware of the race behind her. In a legal race, this is not an issue. However, illegal street racing puts innocent bystanders at risk. Its one thing to risk your own life, but another to risk the life of someone innocent.

The Impact on the Young

Unfortunately, many people in the younger generation are attracted to street racing. For whatever reasons, they decide to try it. In some cases, peer pressure might be the reason. With a young, impressionable mind, a youth might let his friends talk him into trying it.

In other situations, there’s the lack of understanding of consequences. Often, young individuals don’t think about long-term consequences. They don’t think about what bad things can occur when they race. Instead, they feel invincible.

Sadly, the young are often victims of illegal street races. Even if there is no accident, there may be legal ramifications. If you find yourself facing charges for street racing, then you need a lawyer.  You can fight the charges and get a second chance.

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