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Drunk Lewdness Defense Lawyer


Everyone has made a mistake at some point in his life. While most mistakes only have short-term consequences, other mistakes can ruin your life. One such mistake is drunk lewdness. If you jokingly pull down your pants, then you could face charges for lewdness. You need a drunk lewdness defense lawyer to fight the charges. With the help of a lawyer, you might be able to prevent the incident from ruining your future. Without a lawyer, you could face serious penalties.

What is Lewdness?

Although the definition of lewdness varies by state, the basics of the charge are the same. You might be more familiar with the term indecent exposure. According to the law, lewdness and indecent exposure are the same things. Most often, it occurs when a couple decides to have an intimate encounter in public. As fun as it might sound, the police could find and arrest you. You’ll need a drunk lewdness defense attorney to stand up for you in court.

In some cases, the lewdness could be more offensive than others. For example, exposing your genitals in public can result in a lewdness charge. Exposing the wrong body parts or showing excess skin is one way to end up in handcuffs. Any type of indecent exposure could cause you legal trouble.

The Penalties

If the police arrest and charge you with lewdness, then you can face some harsh penalties. Specifically, you could face high fines, prison time, and humiliation. If anyone finds out about your lewdness conviction, word spreads quickly. You could spend the rest of your life trying to keep your criminal history a secret.

In Rhode Island, the penalty for indecent exposure is particularly harsh. For your first offense, the court charges you with a misdemeanor. However, a misdemeanor still has serious consequences. An indecent exposure conviction comes with up to a $1000 fine and up to one year of imprisonment. Whether you receive the maximum sentence depends on your situation. If a judge finds that you only committed the crime because you were drunk, then you might have minimum punishment. However, you need a good drunk lewdness defense lawyer to help you. Judges don’t often look fondly upon offenders with lewdness charges. It takes the help of a good lawyer to get you good results.

Repeat Offenders

If you already have a first offense, then your crime has even greater penalties. A second or third-time offense has harsher consequences. Instead of being a misdemeanor, the crime becomes a felony. As such, it stays with you on your criminal record forever. Your chance of getting jail time is much greater as a second-time offender. Additionally, that jail time has the potential to be longer – you could do up to three years.

Second and third-time offenders also have the added issue of having a sex offense on their records. With a conviction, you could be required to register as a sex offender. When you apply for a job, an employer might immediately dismiss you. When you apply for housing, the landlord can find out about your history. If you find housing, the community will know about you. Being a registered sex offender can change the way the world sees you. It can also destroy your chances for a bright future.

Why Do You Need A Drunk Lewdness Defense Lawyer?

When you drink, you do stupid things. There’s no delicate way to put it. Because you have alcohol in your system, you could make a big mistake. You might do something like pull down your pants to tease your friend. Or, you might try to get intimate with your girlfriend. In either case, your actions could be indecent exposure.

In the case of indecent exposure, the punishment does not always fit the crime. After all, a simple, practical joke should not result in criminal charges. But the law is strict on the issue. Your mistake could leave you in jail. Even if you avoid jail, the embarrassment alone is a strict enough punishment. No one should face such harsh consequences for a drunk night.

If you don’t want your wild night to result in a lifetime of regret, then you need a lawyer. Only a drunk lewdness defense lawyer knows how to handle your case. By using a certain defense, your lawyer might be able to prove that you are innocent. The prosecution needs to prove certain details if he wants your charges to stick. If your lawyer can keep him from meeting that burden of proof, then you may be in luck. He could give the court reasonable doubt. In fact, your drunkenness may be enough to prove that there was no intent to expose yourself.

Don’t let your one mistake follow you around forever. Hire a drunk lewdness defense lawyer. With his help, you could fight the charges. Your mistake does not need to define you forever.

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