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Anti-drunk Driving Apps Save Lives


Drinking and driving is an avoidable offense. However, some people aren’t sure how they can avoid drunk driving charges. If you’re one of the many people looking for a little help, then you should check out some of the anti-drunk driving apps. They can prevent you from making the dangerous decision to drink and drive. Although they work in different ways, all of the apps have the same goal – your safety. Find out which anti-drunk driving apps can save your life.

How Anti-Drunk Driving Apps Work

All of the anti-drunk driving apps work in different ways. For example, some of them allow you to log your alcohol intake. Others make it easy to call for a ride home. Despite their different functions, they all prevent drinking and driving. To help you understand how they work, here’s a closer look at some of the best anti-drunk driving apps.

1. DrinkTracker

When some people drive drunk, they don’t realize that they are drunk. DrinkTracker is an iOS app that aims to help people know when they have had too much to drink. By allowing you to log your drinking, the app lets you keep track of your sobriety. After you enter your gender, age, height, and weight, the app tells you your estimated BAC.

As you continue to drink and log those drinks, the app updates your BAC. If you need to sober up to drive, you can wait until the app shows that you have a low enough BAC to drive legally. The app relies on you accurately logging all your drinks. It’s also important to realize that it’s not perfect. After all, an estimate is only just that. It cannot tell you what a breathalyzer would read. However, it can tell you when it’s likely that you are too drunk to drive. It might remind you that you had a few more drinks than you originally thought.

This app also gives you a way to easily reach your contacts to ask for a ride home. Conveniently, it also works together with Maps to give you directions home. The app costs $2, but a DUI would cost you much more than that.

2. AlcoDroid

This app is the Android version of DrinkTracker. However, it works slightly different than the other app. Instead of just viewing your estimated real-time BAC, the app also lets you view long-term drinking habits. Over time, you can track your drinking. You can also set long-term goals to help you limit your drinking. If alcohol consumption is becoming a problem for you, then this app can help. Much like DrinkTracker, this app leaves it up to you to log your drinks. If you fail to do so, then your BAC may be much higher than you think.

Unlike DrinkTracker, this app does not allow you to get directions home.  However, it is still one of the best anti-drunk driving apps available. It’s also free, which makes it easy for anyone to download.


This app is for Maryland drivers. The free app works on Android or iOS phones. However, it is not a high-tech app with a fancy interface. Instead, it’s a simple app that gets the job done.

When you use ENDUI, you can log your drinks and calculate your estimated BAC. You can also use the app to call your friends or call a taxi for a ride. If you doubt your inability to drive, the app offers reflex games. The games allow you to test your reflexes before you drive. Although you might feel fine to drive, a game could remind you that your reflexes are not the same when you’re drunk.

The app also works as an educational tool. By offering you DUI facts and videos, it reminds you of the dangers of drunk driving. Sometimes, this is enough to keep a person from drinking and driving. You can prevent others from causing a DUI accident by reporting erratic driving through the app. Although it might be simple, the app is effective. Created by police and government officials, the app means business.


This is one of the anti-drunk driving apps that puts an interesting twist on things. The California-based app is free for Android or iOS devices. If you decide to be a designated driver, the app allows you to receive VIP treatment. You can get deals and discounts at bars throughout California. Through the app, you can find out which bars offer you discounts.

If you end up drinking too much, then the app helps you to find a ride home. Like the other anti-drunk driving apps, this one can prevent you from making a mistake that ends with a DUI.

All of the apps try to offer you an alternative to drunk driving. To be as effective as possible, most of the apps were created in-part by police officers and government officials. Although they’re not perfect, these apps can save lives. Check out some of them and see which one can help you prevent the need for a DUI attorney.

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