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Do DUI Classes Prevent Repeat DUI Offenses?


When you are guilty of a DUI, there are a few consequences that you might face. One of those consequences is a DUI course. For some individuals, DUI classes are more than just a court-mandated sentence. They can be a way to get back on track and prevent future DUIs. Find out everything that you should know about DUI classes.

What Are DUI Classes?

When a judge convicts you of a DUI, he might sentence you to a DUI course. You might know of it as a DUI Schoo or drunk driving education. Although many people are familiar with the idea of a DUI class, few people know what it is or how it works.

A DUI class is often a night class held at a local community college. In the class, you learn about your state’s DUI laws. You also learn about the consequences of driving under the influence. Perhaps most importantly, you learn how to prevent driving under the influence.

Often, DUI classes are part of a DUI sentence. Your judge could sentence you to any of the possible penalties for DUIs. Your DUI course could be your only penalty, or it could be one of several penalties. It all depends on your situation.


Who Needs to Take Them?

In many states, DUI offenders must take a DUI class. This is because many experts acknowledge that the problem is dependence on drugs or alcohol. By offering offenders an opportunity to take a DUI class, the court hopes to prevent future incidents.

Your DUI class could be a combined sentence. For example, a judge could sentence you to six months in jail and a DUI class. However, he might offer it in exchange of another penalty (like jail). After you complete your DUI class, the judge might suspend your other penalties. You might get a second chance at living your life without a criminal conviction. Judges often are willing to give first-time offenders a chance at freedom if they take a DUI class.

Some states don’t require DUI school for DUI offenders. However, it is a common requirement in Rhode Island. Anyone who needs an Ignition Interlock Device must complete the class.  You also need to take a DUI class if your judge orders it. Failing to do so could result in other penalties. If you take the class but fail to complete the terms of the class, then you could also face other penalties. Another drug or alcohol-related arrest could send you back to court with even more at stake.

What Happens in a DUI Class?

Every DUI class is different. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly what your course will teach. However, there are a few details that classes tend to focus on. No matter what your DUI instructor teaches, one thing is for certain. There is a lot that you will take away from your DUI class.

1. The Impact of Driving Under the Influence

The class will discuss how drugs and alcohol can impact your ability to drive. Furthermore, they will also explain how your substance abuse can impact other aspects of your life. They do this through videos, readings, and other learning tools. This can make offenders realize the drastic reach of their actions.

Often, DUI offenders don’t understand the impact of their drunk or drugged driving. By taking the course, they can learn how many people are affected by DUIs. It makes them less likely to get a DUI in the future.

2. Learn About the Outcome of a DUI Conviction

Another key point in DUI classes is the outcome of a DUI conviction. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t realize the implications of a DUI conviction. With such strict penalties, a conviction can destroy your life.

Your instructor will discuss the legal impact of a conviction for driving under the influence. Additionally, he will explain how a conviction can change your future. Having a thorough understanding of the legal consequences makes a driver less likely to break the law.

3. Prevent Future Drinking and Driving

Finally, your instructor will explain how you can prevent driving under the influence. By teaching you this, he also teaches you how to prevent a future DUI. You might learn ways that you can keep track of your drinking. Or, you might learn about what alternatives you have to driving drunk.

Does It Work?

In many states that rely on DUI diversion programs, the results have been promising. At the very least, the results are more promising than jail time. Sending DUI offenders to jail seems to have no beneficial impact. Many offenders who serve time in jail get out only to commit another DUI.

DUI classes aim to help people cope with their drinking and driving. Instead of sending people to jail, judges can give them a way to address the real issue of substance abuse. For many individuals, DUI classes are successful at preventing DUIs.


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