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Twin River Casino Crimes Lawyer


Potential Twin River Casino crimes were a natural concern of local citizens when the casino opened.

Not surprisingly, across America, there are those who favor casinos and those who oppose them.

Those who would like to see a casino in their town point to Las Vegas as a city that has prospered from gambling. Meanwhile, opponents present Atlantic City as a perfect example of the false hopes and problems legalized gaming can bring to a community.

Regardless of pro and con arguments, one fact is indisputable. Many cities that have legalized casino gambling have seen a notable increase in crime.

Typical Casino Crimes

As you may have guessed, the crimes often involve money. Someone may be a problem gambler and willing to do practically anything to obtain more funds for gambling. Robbery, burglary and fraud are typical.

Others attempt to outsmart the system by cheating at the games table. And yet others commit acts of vengeance such as vandalism after losing.

But there can also be an uptick in street crime. Criminals look to take advantage of gamblers and tourists walking the street with plenty of cash and credit cards on hand.

And gambling areas often struggle to contain growing drug and sex trades.

Twin River Casino crimes

The Twin River Casino area is not immune to the social ills common to other gambling centers.

Four Twin River Casino employees faced narcotic charges after their arrests by the Rhode Island State Police’s Gambling Enforcement Unit.

Authorities charged two food and beverage servers with possession of Adderall.

According to police records, another food and beverage server illegally possessed and delivered both Adderall and Vicodin. And a gaming tables dealer faced similar charges for Alprazolam.

Once Twin River Casino received permission to add gaming tables the first arrest was larceny. A player at the blackjack table stole $250 worth of chips belonging to the person sitting beside him. So much for being a good neighbor.

And it’s not just the players who have sticky fingers. For example, authorities arrested a dealer for stealing.

Other Twin River Casino Crimes

People will always try to cheat the games. A classic case is a man who placed a $15 bet at the blackjack table and won. Quickly, he added to his chips to pretend that his initial wager was more than $15.

We all want to increase our income stream, but that’s not the way to do it. “Capping” your bet is an old trick, one that the casino knows too well. His efforts earned him an arrest. It also cost him his job as the North Providence finance director.

Some conclude that the best way to beat the casino is to work as a team. Casino security forces caught a blackjack dealer cheating to help customers who were his partners. The dealer steered specific cards to particular players. He also paid out more than actual winnings.

Not all casino crimes are sophisticated operations. One man, tired of losing, decided to recoup the losses in one move. He spotted an armored car crew delivering bags of cash to a casino ATM. He grabbed one of the bags and ran. Police pulled his car over within an hour and made an arrest.

Losing is no fun, but some manage to make it even worse. A case in point is the man charged with arson for throwing a lit match between the gaming machines. That’s not what they mean by a hot gambling streak.

Even More Twin River Casino Crimes

Purse snatching is also a tempting casino crime. After all, elderly ladies aren’t likely to give chase. They may be so focused on their game of choice that they don’t even notice the crime taking place.

However, that wasn’t the case for one 26-year-old who grabbed the purse of an older lady at a game table. He didn’t get very far. In addition to the larceny charge, he also received an assault charge for knocking the lady to the floor.

But don’t think that violent crime belongs to only one gender. Police responded to a call of a woman attempting to rob a man at gunpoint in the casino parking lot.

Crimes that have nothing to do with money also occur on casino property. For example, the Gaming Enforcement Unit arrested a drunk driver who damaged several cars. The tip came from the security team at the casino which gave the police the car’s license plate and description.

Double Down On A Good Lawyer

Make no mistake about it, if you face charges for Twin River Casino crimes, you’re going to need a lawyer.

The casino maintains a well-compensated legal team.
If you think the odds are against you at the gaming tables, just wait until you try facing the casino in court with an inexperienced attorney.

Obtain a lawyer who can win the fight against a large corporation’s legal team. You need a lawyer who knows how to defend his client even when the charges include Twin River Casino crimes.

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