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Warwick DUI Attorney: What to Look For


DUIs come with many consequences. However, this doesn’t stop people from drinking and driving. In 2014, the police arrested over 1.1 million drivers in the US for driving under the influence. Many of those individuals faced harsh legal consequences. If you want to fight those consequences, then you need a lawyer. But not every lawyer can handle your case well. Learn how you can find the best Warwick DUI attorney for the job.

Why Do You Need a Warwick DUI Attorney?

Before you understand what to look for in a Warwick DUI attorney, you should learn why you need one. The penalties for a DUI can vary greatly. Depending on your state, the penalties for DUIs could be varying in severity. In Rhode Island, the penalties are particularly strict. If you get a conviction for drunk driving, then you could spend time in jail and be required to pay high fines. Often, people without legal representation (or with poor representation) get the maximum penalty for their crime.

If you hire a  Warwick DUI attorney, then you can learn what to expect. Your lawyer can explain the process to you. Then, he can give you advice on what you should and shouldn’t say. When you do go to court, your lawyer can fight the charges. In some situations, he may get you a case dismissal. If he can’t do that, then he might be able to limit your sentence.

Not All Lawyers Are Equal

Not all lawyers are capable of defending you well. For example, a public defender might be too busy or too disinterested to handle your case. Instead of getting you a good outcome, he could go through your case as quickly as possible without an interest in your outcome.

Every lawyer and every law firm is different. Some lawyers care more about money than their clients. Other lawyers don’t have the skills it takes to represent you well. If you want a good outcome, then you need the best.

How to Find the Right Lawyer

There are hundreds of lawyers to choose from in any given city or town. Fortunately, you can narrow down your selection of lawyers. Here are a few things to look for when you want the best Warwick DUI attorney:

1. A Local Attorney

One of the biggest mistakes that DUI offenders can make is to choose an out-of-town or out-of-state lawyer. The laws, procedures, and penalties of state and local courts can vary. If you choose a lawyer who is not from your area, then he might not be able to represent you well. His lack of insight into the local system could hurt your case. By hiring a local Warwick DUI attorney, then you can get a lawyer who is well-versed in the local laws. This could give you an advantage during your legal proceedings.

2. An Attorney with Experience

To be a great lawyer, you need experience. Without it, success can be difficult. The more times a lawyer appears in court, the more he learns. As a lawyer gains experience, he learns what works and what doesn’t work. This is especially true of DUI lawyers. You should look for a lawyer who has years of experience under his belt.

While experience is a great thing, that experience needs to be relevant. One lawyer might practice estate law. However, he might have no experience with criminal law. Even a criminal lawyer with experience fighting fraud charges might not know how to handle a DUI charge. It takes years for an individual to comprehend the laws relating to one specific issue fully. Before you choose your lawyer, find out if he has any experience with DUI cases.

Sometimes, it helps to choose a lawyer with a past as a prosecutor. This particular experience means that he knows how prosecutors think. He may have some insider knowledge that helps him build a stronger case for you.

3. A Lawyer With Good Reviews

Choosing a lawyer with good reviews ensures that you find a lawyer with a good track record. If a lawyer has good reviews, then he gets results. This could mean a good outcome for your DUI case.

Today, you can find anything online. That includes finding reviews about a specific lawyer. Before you hire a lawyer, look online and search for reviews. If the law firm in question has a Facebook page, then they might have reviews on there. Spend some time researching and find out what people have to say about the lawyer.

Another great way to get reviews is to ask your friends and co-workers. Whether you ask in-person or rely on social media, you should get some good responses. It’s likely that someone you know has experience with a Warwick DUI attorney.

4. An Attorney You Can Trust

One of the most important traits of a great attorney is trustworthiness. However, this isn’t something that you can find on paper. You need to speak to your prospective attorneys. Go with your gut. If you don’t trust them, then look elsewhere.

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