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Joshua Macktaz, What to do in a Rhode Island Accident.

What to do after an Accident in Rhode Island

What to do after you are involved in an Accident in Rhode Island

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Being involved in an automobile accident can be a difficult experience. In the chaos that often follows, mistakes can be made, and information that may help resolve your insurance claim could be lost. Be prepared for an emergency by keeping some items handy in your car, together with this checklist of what to do after an accident.

Know Your Insurance Policy Contact Information and Coverage

You probably already looked over your policy declarations page, but be sure to make note of the specific items your insurance covers in the event of an accident:

  • Are you covered for a car rental?
  • Is the tow from the scene of the accident covered?
  • Do you have a medical payments provision?
  • Do you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage?
  • What is your collision deductible?
  • Who do you need to contact in the event of an accident?
  • Will your policy cover any storage fees for your vehicle?
  • What are your policy limits for liability?

Be sure to keep your insurance card handy either on your person or in your vehicle and be sure that it has the name and phone number of someone to contact, and your policy or ID number as well. For the most part, all of this information can be found on your policy declarations page, or your insurance ID card.

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Information to Gather at the Scene of the Accident

At a minimum, you will need the name, address, insurance company, and policy number for the other driver or drivers involved in the accident. If you have a chance, talk to witnesses and get names and phone numbers in the event they need to be contacted later by your insurance company or your attorney for information to settle your claim. Take photos if you are able, and makes notes of where each vehicle is, how the accident happened, and whether anyone violated any traffic laws.

What to do Immediately Following the Accident

Get medical attention immediately even if you feel you have only minor injuries. Obtain a copy of your police report as soon as possible from the responding department. Contact your insurance company and provide them with as much information as possible about the accident. If you are unsure of your rights, or feel that your insurance company is not offering you enough compensation for your damages, or your injuries are more severe and require further evaluation, seek the advice of a personal injury attorney immediately.

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It is often an excellent idea, whether you feel you are injured or not, to seek medical attention immediately following an accident of any kind, no matter how minor. Victims of motor vehicle accidents sometimes sustain personal injuries that they are completely unaware of until the following day or even days later.

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a terrifying experience, even if the accident is minor. The chaos immediately following an impact if often overwhelming when combined with the shock of having a crash and any injuries that you may have sustained. In most cases, if you are seriously injured, and unless your vehicle is in danger of being struck again by oncoming traffic, is on fire or could catch on fire, you should stay in your car until emergency personnel arrive to help you.

If you and the other party are not injured and feel the accident was minor, you may forego calling the police. However, if either of you have over $1,000 in damages, or one or both of you are injured, you will have 21 days to report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You may download the form online and visit their website for more information on filing.

Whether you have decided to call the police immediately, or will be filing an operator’s report on your own within five days, take note of where each vehicle is and if anyone seems to have committed any traffic violations, and do not move your vehicle. Notice the weather and road conditions, time of day, and whether the other driver seems to be intoxicated or under the influence of any substances. If you have the ability, now would be an excellent time to take photos of the accident scene as well as all vehicles involved. Contact your insurance company and give them as much information as possible regarding the accident and the parties involved.

When the police and ambulance arrive, they will ask you for your vehicle and insurance information, as well as how the accident happened. If you have injuries or are complaining of any kinds of pain, you will be taken to the hospital in the ambulance. At the very minimum, the EMT will take your vital signs, visually inspect you for injuries, and place a collar on your neck. If you are taken to the hospital, you will be given x-rays to rule out anything internal or any broken bones. Most accident victims are treated and released with instructions to get plenty of rest, avoid work for a week, and perhaps given a prescription for something to alleviate any pain. You will typically be in more pain the day following an accident.


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Major Rhode Island Roadways:

Interstate 95: I-95: I-95 is the main north-south Interstate Highway on America’s east coast. In Rhode Island, I-95 travels from the Connecticut border near Westerly through Warwick and Providence and then on to the Massachusetts border in Pawtucket. Routes I-195 and I-295 (discussed below) are spurs of I-95.

Interstate 195: I-195: Travelling a combined 40.1 miles in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, I-195 leaves its junction with I-95 in Providence then heads east to a junction with I-495 and Route 25 on Massachusetts’ Cape Cod. The section of I-195 in downtown Providence is being replaced. The new route will lie just south of the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier.

Interstate 295: I-295: At a length of just 26.58 miles in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, I-295 is short but vital. From its southern terminus in Warwick, it forms an essential western beltway around Providence before ending to the north in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Plans are underway to supplement I-295 with an eastern beltway around Providence.

Other roadways where accidents typically happen in Rhode Island: Route 44, Route 6, Route 24, Route 1, Route 138, and Route 4
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